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HistoryGeo.com Video Training Library
Article Reference NumberAA-00275

To help you get you started with our newest feature, the First Landowner Project, we have created a comprehensive introductory video:

Below, you'll find a series of videos showing you how use the original HistoryGeo map viewer:

  • Introducing HistoryGeo.com - Learn what this service is all about, the kinds of maps you can expect to find, and what tools you have available in the Viewer
  • Using the Map Chooser - How to pick which maps to open inside the HistoryGeo Map Viewer
  • Map Viewing Basics - How to Zoom and Pan inside the HistoryGeo Map Viewer
  • Exploring a Map's Contents - Teaches you how to zoom-to and flash on labeled content inside historical maps within the HistoryGeo Viewer
  • Using Snapshots - How to bookmark particular spots on maps and return to them using the Snapshot feature
  • Using Custom Markers - How to View, Create, Edit, Move, and Delete Custom Markers
  • Using the Search Tab - How to find maps within the HistoryGeo Viewer using searches based on land owner surnames, names of maps, cemeteries, or populated places
  • Viewing Migrations - Upcoming videos will teach how to create these valuable resources; for now, here's how you view them
  • Updating Marker Visibility Options - How to view only your markers, public markers, or friends' markers
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