First Landowners Map Viewer Helps

    Below are lots of short task-specific videos that show you the essential tools at your disposal with the First Landowners Map Viewer. Further below is a link to the more comprehensive 38-minute video available on YouTube
    Map Viewer Task-Specific Videos (shorter vids for when you just need to learn how to do 1 or 2 things)
    Basic Map Usage
      Map Viewer Navigation Basics (1 min 13 sec)  
      Map Views: Print or Save as Image (1 min 49 sec)  
    Search for Surnames/People & Get Underlying Details on a Land Parcel
      Surname Search and Zooming Down into the Map (2 min 58 sec)  
      County Browser (Important!) (7 min 18 sec)  
      Parcel Details (10 min 35 sec)  
    Search for Towns, Cemeteries, Lat/Lon Coordinates
      Search for City/Town (32 sec)  
      Search for a Cemetery (44 sec)  
      Search for Map Location using Latitude/Longitude (48 sec)  
      Find Latitude/Longitude coordinates on Google Maps (1 min 41 sec)  
    Record and Recall Your Findings
      Using Markers (Get the most from your subscription, Part I) (19 min 37 sec)  
      Create a Marker (Get the most from your subscription, Part II) (14 min 8 sec)  
      Create a Migration (10 min 46 sec)  
      Create and Use Snapshots (5 min 2 sec)  
    Map Viewer Essentials (the BIG 38-minute video)


First Landowners Map-Viewer CHEAT SHEET
    Shows the location of each tool within the Map Viewer (2 page PDF)


Version 3 New Features CHEAT SHEET
    Expands on the above Cheat Sheet, and includes the new Place-Finder + Topos Viewer

Antique Maps Project Viewer

    Antique Maps Project: Content and Usage (the BIG 37-minute video)